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Government fees for copyrights


Administrative Fees

Application for literary, audiovisual and computer programming works (certificate included) Software USD$20.00.
Functioning authorization of collectively managed companies USD $268.00
Registration of Application for Collectively Managed National Registration of Copyright USD $56.00
Amendment to Collectively Managed Statutes USD $400.00
Appeal for Copyright Reposition USD $40.00
Extraordinary Appeal for Revision of Copyright USD $60.00
Searches USD $20.00
Administrative guardianship USD $80.00
Processing of actions to exercise of guardianship for computer programs USD $120.00
Inspections made by the IEPI USD $76-784.00
Government fees for logos


Administrative Rates

Registration of Trademarks (word, graphic and mixed); USD$ 208.00
Registration of Commercial Names USD$ 208.00
Registration of Commercial Slogans USD$ 208.00
Registration of Collective Marks USD$ 400.00
Registration of Certification Marks USD$ 400.00
Registration of Three-Dimensional Marks USD$ 1002.00
Registration of Appellation of Origin USD$ 228.00
Recognition of the place of appellation of origin USD $ 76-784
Renewal of trademarks, commercial names and commercial slogans USD$ 208.00
Modifications to the Registries. (Transfers, changes of name, mergers, change of address) USD$ 101.00
Phonetic Searches USD $ 16.00
Cancellation Actions for lack of use USD $ 430.00
Voluntary Cancellation USD $ 304.00
Oppositions USD$ 140.00
Appeal USD$ 272.00
Appeal for Reversal USD$ 170.00
Appeal for Review USD$ 272.00
Certified Copies USD$ 4.00 per sheet
Registration of License for Use Contracts USD$ 40.00
Administrative Guardianship USD$ 208.00 + expenses rates which depend on the process (USD 132.00-1,360.00)


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