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Noteworthy Cases

Noteworthy Cases

RAP has worked on the following important cases

We advised the Baskin Robbins International on protecting their BASKIN ROBBINS trademark in Ecuador and on signing a franchise contract.

We advised El Corral Hamburguesas (Colombia) on protecting their EL CORRAL trademark and on signing a franchise contract for Ecuador

We advised the owner of the HOOTERS (USA) trademark to sign and register a licensing contract for use of the trademark in Ecuador.

In 2002, we advised NESTLE S.A. to protect its copyright violated in a television commercial, which was being copied both locally and in the Andes region.

We advised Procter & Gamble on protecting their Intellectual Property rights in a local distribution contract with license to use their trademark.

We advised MEAD on protecting their intellectual property rights when an Ecuadorian competitor copied their notebook designs. We were able to prove such copy through the use of bar codes that contained our client´s products.

We advised Zaimella of Ecuador on their franchise project.

We advised Confianza Insurance on all processing and management of their trademarks in Ecuador.

We advised Toyota Ecuador S.A. on the registration of several trademarks owned by it for commercial activities in Ecuador.

We advised 1001.carros.com on the registration of several trademarks in Ecuador and in the Latin Region.


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