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Our team is expert in the procedure, acquisition, monitoring and protection of trademarks for products and services, commercial names and commercial slogans, appellations of origin, collective marks, etc.

In Ecuador, the applicable legislation in the area of trademarks is Decision 486 of the Andean Community of Nations, and the Intellectual Property Law.

The international classification of Nice is applicable.

We do not have multi-class registries.

  • Search for Previous Records (phonetic and graphic)
  • Processing registration applications
  • Oppositions
  • Response to oppositions
  • Renewals, transfers, assignments, and in general all modifications to registries
  • Licensing
  • Appellations of origin
  • Actions of Cancellation and Nullification
  • All types of defense
  • Administrative appeals
  • Trademark litigation
  • Conservation of trademark rights
  • Due Diligence of trademark portfolios

Our advising covers all areas of this branch of industrial property.


Administrative Rates

Registration of Trademarks (word, graphic and mixed); USD$ 208.00
Registration of Commercial Names USD$ 208.00
Registration of Commercial Slogans USD$ 208.00
Registration of Collective Marks USD$ 400.00
Registration of Certification Marks USD$ 400.00
Registration of Three-Dimensional Marks USD$ 1002.00
Registration of Appellation of Origin USD$ 228.00
Recognition of the place of appellation of origin USD $ 76-784
Renewal of trademarks, commercial names and commercial slogans USD$ 208.00
Modifications to the Registries. (Transfers, changes of name, mergers, change of address) USD$ 101.00
Phonetic Searches USD $ 16.00
Cancellation Actions for lack of use USD $ 430.00
Voluntary Cancellation USD $ 304.00
Oppositions USD$ 140.00
Appeal USD$ 272.00
Appeal for Reversal USD$ 170.00
Appeal for Review USD$ 272.00
Certified Copies USD$ 4.00 per sheet
Registration of License for Use Contracts USD$ 40.00
Administrative Guardianship USD$ 208.00 + expenses. Rates depend on the process (USD 132.00-1,360.00)


Romero Arteta Ponce Abogados is authorized to practice law in Ecuador and give legal advice through related firms in Latin America.


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